Ingrid Hole, cand.mag., is founder and manager, with solid and long experience from managerial positions within the working world. She is senior advisor and a specialist within social factors, advice giving , working with teams and multi competence. She also offers practical instruction and specialises in:

· Organisation and management.
· Management from a womans perspective
· Worthy management, Company culures and ethics
· Further education within the field of Social science.

Ingrid Hole


Advice giving service

Is your company changing and are you awaiting repositioning? Get inspiration and advice whilst you are in the overlapping phase. How can you grab the possibilities that are there? Our advice service can give you the answer.

Training to manage - is a tool for you who wishes to prepare to become a manager, or for those who have recently become managers. This is suitable for everyone who wants to get closer to the necessary knowledge to manage competently..

Personal advice
One to one advice gives flexibility and is suiatble for those who require personal advice and close follow up..

Working as a group is an exceptionally important element for us. Why? Because multi competency groups have an increasing need for follow up and updating. Group training develops a human perspective.
Seminars are offered in the following areas:

All seminars are:
Arranged especially with you in mind. They all fall within our areas of expertice and we aim that you learn by doing. Please contact us with your questions.

· Teamwork in a multi talented group/teambuilding
· Management and organisational culture
· Management, learning curve
· Changes and the relocation process for employees within a company
· Career planning and competence development.

Competency, it influences you and your competence!


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